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We are much more than a brand. We are in constant movement, in transformation, discovery, of the life outside. Our products are created from ideas and share stories. We incorporate the true essence of hand-made. We design and manufacture high-standard goods using genuine leather as the main raw material.


The conception and creation process of all products start with a rough draft and form is created on the prototype stage. Prototyping is a thorough stage, where we constantly test, improve and evaluate a range of technical issues and experiment with different materials, until we approve the product to be manufactured. On the production, cutting, artisans, who do the quality control on all production steps and all products, checking piece by piece, do gluing, sewing and constructing the products.


The leather used in our products is especially developed for our brand by the best and most traditional tanneries in Brazil with superior quality. The rigorous material selection will translate into a superior finished product - with high durability, unique and beautiful design.

In our shop we offer our products and other domestic brands manufactured in Brazil and are specially selected through a carefully curated.


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